Get back to health

Get back to health

If you’re feeling terrible, there are plenty of things you can do alongside taking cold and flu remedies, like Lemsip, to help you get back to feeling on top form again.

Start by making sure you’re getting as much time under the duvet as possible. Rest is essential to conserve your energy for fighting off illness - so make sure you’re getting a few early nights.

Along with some tried and tested cold and flu remedies like chicken soup, eating lots of fruit and veg high in Vitamin C is thought to aid recovery. This includes kiwi fruits, oranges and broccoli, which may help give your immune system a much-needed boost.

Water, juice, herbal teas – it’s important to keep yourself hydrated. A nice hot, soothing Lemsip drink can help with this but be sure to drink lots of other fluids too.

Preventing the virus spreading

Although we all love good old-fashioned cotton hankies, they can spread germs more than paper tissues. Plus we know most of you are already well-mannered, but as a small reminder, whenever you cough or sneeze put your hand over your mouth, this helps to release less air-borne germs.

There’s no cure for the common cold. But combine some age-old cold and flu remedies like soups and super foods with soothing Lemsip. Your body will soon begin to feel the benefits, helping you to return to your normal, healthy routine.